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Paint color is one of the major turn-offs to potential buyers.  Make sure your paint colors are updated and neutral . 

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Redo & Renew Interiors, LLC

Interior Re-design and Home Staging Specialists

We are Located in beautiful Prescott Arizona

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REdo-REnew Interiors specialize in one day make-overs.  We use only your existing furniture and accessories, repurposing them in unique and inventive ways creating the feeling of a new yet familiar space.

There are several reasons for using our services.  You may be trying to sell your home and are getting negative feedback and don’t know how to change it to appeal to more potential buyers.  We can help!

You may have just moved into your dream house and are trying to use your existing furniture that you love, but are having trouble “making it work” with the new floorplan.  We can help!

Call Redo & REnew Interiors today for a Staging consultation.  Mention this website and get $50 off!


This family room was wide open and uninviting.  The family had all the right furnishings to make this house a comfortable home. 




We came in and in one day “brought it all together” providing a fresh new look without purchasing a single piece of furniture.

When to use our Services:

  • Selling or Buying a Home
  • Merging Households
  • Life Changing Situations (e.g. divorce or death)
  • Update your office image
    • More professional = more successful


Why use our Services???

It’s a proven fact, Staged homes sell faster and for more money$!

grrmaf IMG_0146

As a buyer, in which family room could you see yourself relaxing?


As a Realtor, which master bedroom would you prefer to show potential buyers?

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Call us today to see what we can do for you!      (928) 777-0333

View our Gallery page for more samples of room transformations!

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