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Paint color is one of the major turn-offs to potential buyers.  Make sure your paint colors are updated and neutral . 

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This Great room project was a “Redo”

The client felt the furniture didn’t fit the room. The kitchen table was too far from the kitchen and seemed in the way.

Great room- after the “Redo”

This room looked 100% more “in scale” by moving the tall plant to the vaulted ceiling area behind the couch. This also provided a separation between the living area and kitchen. The kitchen table was moved closer to the kitchen and a sewing machine was brought out from a bedroom to provide the homeowner a pleasant view while working on her sewing projects.

We also brought a more casual piece from the bedroom to serve as a coffee table instead of the more formal table previously used. That table was re-purposed in the bedroom for a nice reading area.





Staging an Unused Breezeway

This area was only used as a passthrough to a recreation room and to house the dogs at night. When staging a house for resale, we want every room to have a specific purpose. During the initial consultation, the home owner was urged to buy some greenery to place in the house. Otherwise, clients’ own items are used for staging purposes.

Breezeway after staging...

An extra piece of furniture from the great room was moved here creating the perfect reading nook. The plants were placed in several areas in the house. Notice the cup of coffee and book by the chair. It makes the area look like a cozy place to sit and relax and takes away the buyer’s question of “what is this room used for?”. It is very important to make all your square footage count when staging your home for sale.





The Fireplace Wall Prior to Staging

Before staging, the fireplace mantle was full of family items and the room was crowded with too much furniture all around the perimeter. The plain valences darkened the room and made the windows appear smaller.

Items like empty bird cages and family collections need to be stored to avoid a cluttered look for open houses. Baby furniture can be moved to another room during the open house.

Fireplace wall after staging

By removing two bulky pieces of furniture in this room, it appears much larger and spacious. The fireplace becomes a bright focal point surrounded by comfort and warmth.

In this case, the windows look much bigger and brighter without window treatments.

A too cramped Den gets a new look:

This room was crowded with oversized furniture.  We found some smaller chairs and end table to create a less cluttered look in this den.

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