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Paint color is one of the major turn-offs to potential buyers.  Make sure your paint colors are updated and neutral . 

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Redo & Renew Interiors, LLC

Interior Re-design and Home Staging Specialists

We are Located in beautiful Prescott Arizona

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Other Services

Our Design Services Include:

  • Real Estate Staging – Interior Rearrangement
    • Organization and Clutter Removal
  • Assistance with Decorating Ideas including:
    • Color Consulting, Faux Painting, Lighting, Flooring, Window Coverings, Furniture and Accessories
  • Relocation Coordination
    • Supervise and direct any projects on your behalf

And also...

  • Organizing
  • Shopping
  • Relocation Services
  • Packing


Sometimes, your re-design may need a little extra attention in an area or two.  If additional organizational assistance is required, we can help.  We remove all the items from the area and just place back the items that show well in the area if it’s a staging project, and for redesign projects, the item only goes back if it’s used in that area.

From This:


To This:



We shop for furniture, fixtures, accessories according to your style, preferences and budget.  We’ll bring pictures of items, or actual choices of accessories to fit the design scheme.  Then we arrange and incorporate your existing home furnishings with the new to mesh them cohesively into one pleasing personal design style just for you.  Then, if extra accessories were not used, we return them along with the un-chosen or un-needed furniture.  You just Sit back, relax and enjoy your new space!

Relocating to or from Prescott

  • Coordinate cleaning, repairs or maintenance prior to your arrival
  • Oversee renovations, upgrades, painting, construction, clean-up, or even windows!
  • Receive truck and coordinate movers on your absence
  • Unpack and organize your house
  • Arrange furniture and accessorize your new home
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