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Paint color is one of the major turn-offs to potential buyers.  Make sure your paint colors are updated and neutral . 

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Redo & Renew Interiors, LLC

Interior Re-design and Home Staging Specialists

We are Located in beautiful Prescott Arizona

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  • We transform your home by using only your existing furnishings
  • We provide a fresh new look at your treasures and re-purpose them in ways you may have never imagined.
  • We also leave you with a “wish list” of future items you many want to add to your decor.



This Living room had furniture all lined up. .The owner had very nice items from their previous house, but wasn’t sure how to place it in their new home.



After the re-arrangement, the furniture was cozy and inviting.....

Your home is a reflection of who you are!

  • We redesign  your home yet maintain your unique and personal style.
  • Improve the appearance and enjoyment of your home.
  • Your house will feel larger, more organized, and more inviting.
  • We simplify your surroundings creating a more tranquil environment.



This Bonus play room had furniture that was too small and scattered.  The room had a purpose, but not a very appealing look



After the makeover, a loveseat was repurposed from another room and is an inviting place for kids and adults alike to enjoy the tv room.  A table was added for game playing, puzzles, or just watching the view.  Relocating the fooseball table took it out of the center stage, but still made it totally accessible for game-play..

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