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Paint color is one of the major turn-offs to potential buyers.  Make sure your paint colors are updated and neutral . 

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We are Located in beautiful Prescott Arizona

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Reasons to Use Us :

  • We Help You Make More Money:
    • Staged Homes sell for 6% to 20% higher prices (this easily pays the real estate commissions).
    • The amount of the first price reduction is far more than full staging including some remodeling!
    • For every $1 invested in staging and renovations, sellers can receive up to $5 back.
  • We Save You Time:
    • Over 85% of buyers start their search on the internet. Staging makes the virtual tours and photos sell your property!
    • Buyers make a decision within 15 seconds after entering a home; first impressions are critical!
    • Professionally staged homes require fewer showings. Higher value perceived = quicker offers




Most people display collections which distract from the architectural features of the room.


Now, this room is more dramatic, feels more open and much less cluttered.

We Do All The Work!

  • We preview the house with a critical eye, then give an honest and professional assessment.
  • We return with a team and completely REDO (stage) the house inside and out.
  • By moving furniture and accessories, we enhance the architectural features.
  • We make the house appear updated and more appealing.





After staging this home, the furniture was placed in a more pleasing arrangement and accessorized with only a  few prized pieces.   We help make the home show so  the new buyers can see themselves in the space and so you can receive “TOP DOLLAR” and be able to move on to your new home.

In staging a home for an open house, we look for several items that “turn off” potential buyers.  The number one hot button is clutter.  When a house is cluttered with too many collectibles or personal items, a buyer cannot picture themselves or their items in the space.  For example if a closet is too full, it looks as though there is not enough storage for your items, so there surely will not be enough for theirs.  We will take care of the visible clutter and leave you a suggested list of items for you to purge to ready your home to show.

Call us to……

  • Set your listing apart from the competition
  • Make a home look like a model vs. resale property
  • Add showing credibility to your listings
    • Note professional staging on MLS comments


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